Weekend Workshop

How many of us go about our busy days, managing task lists and budgets and appointments, taking care of our many obligations to others, without taking time to consider the things that would take us out of the stress cycle and into meaningful action, like:

  • Who am I?

  • What dreams are really meaningful to me?

  • What naturally inspires or compels me? 

Step out of your normal routine and be guided through a powerful internal journey to remind yourself or create for the first time a vision for your future that naturally grows into a fulfilling life, motivating you with the life-long seeds of inspirations already waiting within you.

January 25-26, 2020   |   4 Sage Court, Austin, Texas 78737   |   Registration >>

Romantic Couple Enjoying View

When you learn how to dream the kinds of dreams that naturally inspire you towards action - instead of "discipline" or obligation - you join the most productive, satisfied people in the world.  

Learn in a comfortable home-like environment. Be on the lookout for a curious deer peaking in the window.


Create lasting connections with new like-minded colleagues and friends even as you explore your own path.

“Working with Katie was one of the best investments I made in myself in the past 5 years. Not only was I able to learn more about myself and how I operate, but I learned invaluable tools that have helped my communication both in my personal and professional life. I would strongly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their communication, decision making, or ability to leads others!”

Wilson Smith

Austin, Texas

Organier and Presenter Katie Raver, atte

Katie studied directly with international NLP trainer Tom Best for a decade and with Power Life Design creator Slavica Squire.  She brings compassionate clarity and entertaining stories to audiences and students. She is the director and lead trainer of NLP Austin and created Design Your Powerful Life based on Tom and Slavica's work and informed by thousands of hours working with students and clients.

$295 reserves your spot in this class and includes two full days of training and class materials.  Should you need to cancel, you may reschedule for no additional fee up to one year for any Austin NLP program or coaching with Katie Raver.

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